For private individuals and companies

For private individuals and companies

Private individuals

If you opt for operating leasing, you will be using the vehicle for the agreed period of time and then have the option to trade it in for a new one. This allows you to always have a new vehicle and better safety for equal monthly instalments.

If you opt for financial leasing, you will become the owner of the leased asset when the agreed period has expired and all amounts due have been paid. Please contact our leasing managers for more information about financial leasing:

  • by phone:
    in Sarajevo 033 254 342 ,
    in Banja Luka 051 230 510  
  • by e-mail
  • or visit our branches.

Our leasing managers will offer you tailor-made financing that fit your needs and capacities.


The procedure is fast and simple and there are no additional notary fees.


Raise your business to a higher level with leasing financing to purchase passenger, delivery and cargo vehicles, trailers, buses or any equipment you need for your business. Whether you are registered as a limited liability company, shareholder company, sole proprietorship, association or representative office, just visit any branch of Raiffeisen LEASING or Raiffeisen Bank.


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