Operating leasing

Operating leasing

Operational lease advantages

Financial reports: The monthly leasing instalment is considered an operating expense

Tax treatment: VAT is calculated on a monthly basis for the rent services invoiced by the leasing company. You will save money because the rental fee for commercial vehicles is fully tax deductible

Leased asset renting: There is no financial risk thanks to the guaranteed residual value. When the leasing arrangement has ended, you return the leased asset to the leasing company and can chose a new, more modern asset to lease

Operational vs. Financial

How to get a lease


You can ask a dealer directly for an offer or have RLBH do it for you. When you have selected the asset to lease, you will provide us with the offer and a completed leasing request with the necessary documents. After a check of your creditworthiness and approval by Raiffeisen LEASING, we will invite you to sign the contract and related documents. Then you can take over the leased asset of your choice!