Need a vehicle?

Opt for Raiffeisen LEASING because we cooperate with all car importers and dealers across Bosnia and Herzegovina!

All you have to do is find a car and leave the rest to us.

Opt for leasing financing to buy any new or used vehicle:

passenger vehicles,

delivery and cargo vehicles,

vehicles with special additions,



Take care of your business

... we take care of your vehicle fleet.

Raiffeisen LEASING Fleet Management is a service offered to companies, enabling them to buy, maintain and manage their vehicle fleet. Use this simple and economic solution for your company cars and get free of any administrative burdens.


•        A solution tailored to your needs: financing, insurance, maintenance, tyre replacement, road assistance, replacement vehicle…

•        All costs related to the vehicle are sent to LEASING, which means you receive just one invoice for your entire fleet, which helps you optimize your business processes

•        We will track your vehicle and inform you accordingly (optional)

•        Cost management: selecting vehicles based on total costs,

          simple cost planning, cost control

•        Services: local assistance in the country and the 


•        We keep track of, inform you and arrange the time for regular

          maintenance and tyre replacement, and monitor the insurance policy life cycle and timely registration

•        Any car brand is possible.

How to get a lease


You can ask a dealer directly for an offer or have RLBH do it for you. When you have selected the asset to lease, you will provide us with the offer and a completed leasing request with the necessary documents. After a check of your creditworthiness and approval by Raiffeisen LEASING, we will invite you to sign the contract and related documents. Then you can take over the leased asset of your choice!